For private holidaymakers and conference guests

Stiftsgården is located right next to Lake Siljan, with a magnificent view all the way to the blue mountains in the distance. The slopes leading down to the lake have been kept clear over the years by the care and attention of the industrious farmers. Grazing livestock have also helped to keep the fields open. This means that livestock farming is not just a question of ensuring a ready source of locally produced meat, it also contributes to keeping the landscape looking beautiful.
Our kitchen purchases the ingredients that the countryside produces: everything from meat and vegetables to mushrooms and berries. We are delighted that there are people who are happy to work with administrating our natural treasures in such a way that they provide new life each and every day.

The kitchen profile:
As far as possible, we use food grown and produced locally, and many of the ingredients we use are ”KRAV”-approved.

Lunch buffet, 11.30-13.30: salad bar, drink, coffee and cake.
SEK 105. Children aged 5–12, SEK 60.

Buffet dinner, 17.00–18.00. Summertime we offer dinner every day, other times of the year it´s necessary to book in advance.
Adults SEK 230, children aged 5–12 SEK 85

The Stiftsgården kitchen also serves breakfast, evening tea, cheese boards and different theme dinner.
You can also order meals or sandwich-cakes for memorial services. Please order special meals in advance.

Stiftsgården is an alcohol-free Environment.