Hope and Glory
3 – 6 january 2023

Together, we want to create opportunities for young people age 16-25 in our churches and organizations to meet across national, cultural and religious borders.
Many forces are pulling us apart and divide us as human beings. We live in a time of war in Europe, the climate changes are threatening our daily life, we can see deeper gaps in our world between wealth and poverty and we meet strong forces wanting to create division between people.

The Youth Camp will be part of the greater Camp Global. To get inspired of
working for being a Christian in the global world today we talk about peacebuilding,
equality, health and democracy for the world. In our youth exchange
and together with the Camp Global participants there will be a program on
ACTum’s material, discussions, inspiring speakers, young, middle aged and old
speakers. We will be all together and in smaller groups. Together we prepare to
make a difference for our churches in the work for the future.
In this youth camp you will also meet Church of Sweden Youth, young and old
from Camp Global Epiphany. You will meet a long row of young activist from
ACT AGERA program and of course each other. You will also meet many more,
along with these experienced people:

Costs for food & bed: Dormitories without sheet or towels: 1 560 kr (discounted price)

Contact person Västerås Diocese:
Rev. Nils Åberg,, phone: +4670 5256733

Contact person Stiftsgården Rättvik:
Mr. Gustav Danielsson, Program coordinator,, phone: +4676 9408008

Travel climate smart: Travel together or take the train to Rättvik C and get a short nice walk of 20 minutes.
Arrangements done by Stiftsgården Rättvik together with Vasteras Diocese, ACT Church of Sweden, Church of Sweden Youth, with support from SENSUS and Lunds missionssällskap (Lunds mission society).

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